Bernina Challenge Entry on Facebook May 2012

This is how my entry looks. Wish me luck on Winning $1000.00 bernina gift certificate. Ha. Just like entering these contest. I have never won one yet.

What item of yours did you choose to up cycle and why?
I chose an old love seat that my Grandmother now 104 years gave me. It had been her Mothers. My Great Grandmother who had passed before I was born in 1956. My Grandmother had covered it with an old orange fabric. The batting had rotted and it was in need of love. I felt I was the granddaughter to give it the love that it needed. I knew my bernina sewing machine could do the job, but I was surprised how it turned out. I have not covered very many things.

How did you refresh it as reinvented home décor?

I made a new cushion out of foam. I cut and glued it to make the right shape. I used the bottom board that fit in the love seat. I made a cover to go over the board and foam for the seat. I then made pillows to match for the back of the seat. I had some fabric floral panels from painter Glenda Turley, which I made pillows to offset the color of the fabric that matched the color of the painted wood. I love how it turned out and now I have a beautiful piece that has been in my family for years.

Where will your project entry live in your home and how will it give that room a space life?

I put the bench in my master-bedroom. I have two antique dressers and I use beautiful quilts on my bed. It looks like it was made for that space.

Above is what my entry looks like. Bobbi


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