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My friend wanted me to make her this to frame when she lost her little one.


Wedding Present for my Nephew and new Neice

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Catching up with my blog

I have not posted in a long time and have made a few things in the last year. I hope you enjoy what I have done, as posting several things.


Batik Quilt Blocks. A project when I get to it.

I started making blocks on my vacations the summer of 2015. I am not really a big quilter so no hurry to finish. I have a plan how I want to put the blocks together but in no hurry to do it. Here is what I am working on.


The block I have made. All most all Batik fabrics.


Sidney our newest Pom. Adopted at 9.5 years

Sidney was at the animal shelter. His owner had passed away. I do not know details. I had no intention of bringing him home. Well I did and we have fallen deeply in love. He has had some issues with his liver so he is on special food and allot of labs. Let me tell you folks. There is no such thing as a free dog. All that said I would do it over again.


Sidney’s favorite position.

2015-10-15 09.39.55_resized


2015-10-15 09.56.11_resized

Sammy and Sidney

2015-10-15 09.27.24_resized

I love the outdoors! Sidney


Yum Yum please

Treat Time

Sidney Sammy and Sophie at treat time.


Machine Trapunto Pillow

Meghan and Andrew

Wedding present I made for one of our BMW Tech’s.

close up front of pillow

Bobbi ‘s Machine Thread painted bears/waterfall.


Baby Quilt made for Great Great Nephew.

IMG_1201_edited-1 IMG_1204_edited-1 IMG_1210 IMG_1211 IMG_1212 IMG_1213 IMG_1214 IMG_1215 IMG_1216 IMG_1217 IMG_1218 IMG_1220_edited-1

Handmade Hand Bags By Bobbi

I made the upper left handbag for myself. It has the darker handle. The upper right I have made to trade out with a friend. I found the pattern at a Bernina Dealer in Okla. I fell in love with the purse. The rest is history. I love the fabrics. I also found some of the fabrics on the second purse at the Bella Vista Quilt shop.

I am sure to have more of these for myself. So fun!

Handbag (2)Handbag (5)Handbag (9)Handbag (3)Handbag (1)Handbag (8)Handbag (7)Handbag (10)Handbag (4)Handbag (13)



   I am playing with some southwest designs. I will sew out more and decide how to put them together. I am thinking I want to make a pillow. This is for a friend’s birthday. 

IMG_0727 IMG_0728